Got Questions?

We are available to help you on your journey to financial freedom. Here are the frequently asked questions.
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PayDay Investor is a cool investment app that helps you earn interest while investing your funds automatically on a periodic basis so that you can smash your investment goals faster
  • Capital preservation. You can never lose your investment principal
  • You can invest with as little as 1,000 naira
  • Earn higher interest than your traditional savings account
  • Your investments are automated, so you don’t need a reminder
  • Liquidity, you can withdraw your funds at any time
  • You can decide to invest with your friends and family towards a group goal
  • With PayDay Investor, you can earn much higher interest that traditional savings
  • On PayDay Investor your dividends are not taxed
PayDay Investor allows you to create an investment goal and specify the time you would like to achieve that goal. It is designed to automatically connect to your Nigerian debit card, thus making it easy for you to periodically set funds aside towards the goal. The funds are then invested in the ARM Money Market Fund, a mutual fund which guarantees competitive interest and quarterly returns and capital preservation.
All funds paid to your PayDay Investor Account are managed by ARM Investment Managers Limited, an asset management firm with over 25years of investment management experience regulated by the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission. Payday Investor also adheres to standard industry online transaction security measures. You can be assured of investment and card security.
Yes, you can, PayDay Investor is available on both android and apple app stores simply download the app on your device and start investing, PayDay Investor is also accesible on the web.
  • Available balance displays the amount that you have invested, it’s basically the total of all the funds attained in each of your goals your goals plus the funds you have earned as interest in the previous quarter
  • Wallet is where we pay your accrued interest into at the beginning of every quarter
  • Accrued interest is how much you have earned in interest for the current Quarter


You can fund your PayDay Investor account with any Nigerian Debit card. i.e. Verve, MasterCard or Visa. You can also fund using your bank account number to initiate payment.
The scheduled debit from your account into your PayDay Investor account will not occur. We can only manage your money if your registered card account is funded. To ensure the automated debit feature works, your account must be funded on the scheduled day for payment. However, you can make unscheduled contribution payments to a PayDay Investor goal and the remaining payment period to achieve that goal will be automatically updated.
PayDay Investor accepts all Nigerian issued cards that have been enabled for online and Web transactions. Please ensure that your card has been enabled for online transactions. However, Verve cards can only be used for one time payments and can't be used to setup Direct Debits.
  • For inflows, we currently absorb transaction charges on behalf of customers, this means we do not charge customers for funding their PayDay investor account. However, the federal government has placed a N50 stamp duty for transactions worth N10,000 or more.
  • For withdrawals, there are charges used to process the transfer of funds from our bank to your bank account and is inclusive of VAT.
  • Below is a breakdown of the withdrawal charges
    • N5,000 and below; N10.75
    • N5,000 - N50,000; N26.875
    • N50,000 and above; N53.75
We do not accept transfers from banks, however you can initiate a payment on PayDay Investor with your bank account number
Yes, you can make one-time single investment contributions and top up your investment account anytime. Simply use the “Add Funds’ feature on the application and select the goal you would like to fund. You do not have to setup a direct debit
The Direct Debit will be reinitiated two more times, 24 and 48 hours after the due date.
Your deposited fund is processed within 12- 24 hours and then invested. Once your fund has been invested, you will begin to see interest accrue daily and returns will be paid into your PayDay investor wallet quarterly
This is subject to your daily transaction limit from your bank
You can invest as little as N1000
Yes, you can, simply go to the ‘Add funds’ module and select third party, then enter the goal ID of your friends PayDay Investor goal, complete the form and initiate the transfer


Your deposited fund is processed within 12- 24 hours and then invested. Once your fund has been invested, you will begin to see interest accrue daily and returns will be paid into your PayDay investor wallet quarterly.
Yes, you will still earn interest if your goals are deactivated. Your interest is calculated based on the funds in your available balance
Yes, we inject your interest earned at the end of the quarter back into your available balance for investment


We process withdrawal requests in under 24 hours
Yes, you can select this as an option when setting up your investment plan. Please note the lock in feature is for 90 days and you will be charge 20% of your accrued interest if you wish to break the lock
You can withdraw as much as N5,000,000 per transaction
No, your KYC documents need to be approved before you can withdraw from your investment as required by our regulators

Group Goal

This is when you come together with your friends or family to invest towards a common goal, for instance a vacation, wedding contribution, church contribution etc.
Its simple, you can create a group goal as an Admin and send the goal ID to your friends who have PayDay Investor to join
Ask the group admin to send you the goal ID and simply enter this on the join group goal page
Yes, you can, once you join the group goal you can see everyone on the group and how much they have contributed so far
Only if you give him permission to when you are joining the group goal. If you do not want the group Admin to run away with your money, please DO NOT select the Admin can withdraw funds option when you are signing up for the group goal