ARM or Payday Investor will never request for your Password, PIN or Token code neither will we ask you to transfer money to a personal account. Please keep your login details safe and do not disclose it to any person or organisation.
The safety of your investment information is of utmost importance to us.

Relax, let your money work for you

Create a plan that allows you invest automatically and whenever you feel like. Decide how much you want to invest weekly or monthly and we’ll handle the rest for you with just a few clicks.
PayDay Investor Goals
Goal Based Investments

Setup a scheduled plan to automate your investments towards your financial goal

PayDay Investor Group Goals
Group Goals

Go further together with group goals, invest with your squad, partner or community

PayDay Investor One-time
One-time Investments

If you're not into Direct Debit, put your money to work with a lump sum one-time investment

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Why Invest with PayDay Investor?

  • Better returns
  • Track your interest daily
  • Tax-free Interest/Dividends
  • Invest towards several goals in one place
  • Safe, secure and quick access to your money
  • Experienced investment fund managers

Investing as easy as 1,2,3

Get started with a Payday Investor account and start Investing with as little a ₦1,000

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Create Account

Setup your Profile and verify your Identity in a few easy steps

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Step 2

Setup Investment

Setup an Investment plan and Funding options

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Step 3

Earn Interests

Manage your investments and start earning Interest in 24 hours

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